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Toddlers at our centre is from 1 year old to 4 years old. But only children who can walk stabily are accept at toddlers department/centre. Babies age 1 year old and above who still learning to walk will stay at baby’s department/centre until they can walk properly.

We teach and use Bahasa Malaysia in our daily routine.

Separation anxiety is quite common between babies and toddlers. The behaviour you might see when children are seperated from parents is sometimes called seperation protest. Seperation anxiety normally starts around the age of 8 months and reach its peak (babies) at the of 14-18 months (sometimes older).

What you can do is to try these method:

  • Practice Separation
    To make separation less of a shock, play peekaboo to reinforce the notion that you’ll always return. You can also send stuffed animals or dolls on little ‘journeys’ and then reunite them with your child. Finally,try leaving your child for a few short periods of time ( ~1/2hour to an hour~) with someone he’s knows and trusts. Once he sees that you always return( and that other caregivers are fun and loving too),try out a babysitter.
  • Goodbye Ritual 
    Goodbye Ritual is important especially for younger babies. try creating a goodbye ritual that will soothe/prepare both you and baby for the seperation process. sing a little song, give hugs and kisses or wave to your little ones right before you walk out the door. Find whatever works for you and stick to it.

You may drop your child off as early as 7am in front of our centre.

Co-operative play is something we truly value. But it has to be learned, as well as appeal to their social instincts. The best way for them to achieve this is by copying what they see. Therefore, our nursery teachers, model play and co-operate whenever they can, so the kids get a sense of what it looks like. Taking turns, acting gently, speaking in kindly manner; all there are the examples of positive reinforcement. Soon enough, the play will start to diffuse social tension as a result.

Our menu consist of protein,carbs and according to childrens food pyramid. The foods are cooked by our chef and with no sodium. For further info on menu,you can contact us.

No, but it is strongly encouraged that all children age 2 and above to be potty trained. We will co operate with you on this.

Yes. They nap twice a day.

No. All of our students need to show their immunization records before enrolling in our centres.

If your child is sick,we will contact you and you need to pick up your child immediately. If you child geta hurt during our care, we will send them directly to nearby clinic and contact you immediately.